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Our team is able to support the Customer (transportation company, rolling stock or subcomponents manufacturer, infrastructure maintenance company) on technical, style and commercial matters .

The constant attention to the evolution of railway technology and the activity of research caried out by our team, the wide net of contacts and partnerships troughout all Europe, allow us to offer toour Customers optimised and tailored solutions .

Services we can offer are different, being different the activity of our Customers (Transport Companies, rolling stock owners, manufacturers).


Railtarget can support its customers in :


  • Strategic analisys;
  • Innovative solutions R&D;
  • Definition of Technical specifications;
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary evaluations;
  • Expediting;
  • Support for new and used vehicles purchasing.


Railtarget can support its industrial customers in :


  •  Strategic analisys;
  • Innovative solutions R&D;
  • Market analisys, definition of potential competitors and evaluation of their products;
  • Verificaton of existing products compliance with tender requiremens and definition of the modification needed to reach full compliance;
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary evaluations;
  • System architecture definition;
  • Expediting;
  • Translations into English, Gerrman, Spanish, French, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Hebrew.