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The setting of the technical activities of a supply as complex and articulated as a railway vehicle is essential for optimal development of the contract activities: design, construction, purchase.

The technical framework of the contract must allow to highlight, from the earliest stages of setting, the critical aspects in order that their effects on the activities can be properly planned and managed.

This activity has, therefore, a fundamental role in the technical and economic success of the job and is configured as an interdisciplinary link between the offer and project: it cannot be be left to a soloist, as experienced and capable, but it requires different skills and therefore different professionals. It is foundamental to involve in this activity Company’s key personnel who will manage the project and also the ones who defined the offer.


Railtarget has refined over the years and many projects, its experience and engineering capability; so, linking system and manufacturing engineering can offer to its Customers, directly or by mean of its partner companies, a complete service starting from a single subassembly to the whole vehicle:


  • Bodyshell
  • Finite Elements Analisys
  • Mechanical subassemblies
  • System integration
  • Electric system